Trusted staking service

We bring you the most lucrative and safest platform to entrust your digital assets. Our service is always accessible to everyone with a highly profitable outcome up to 50% net profit of your original staking amount. No need to waste time and effort struggling with noisy miners at home. Just let us handle the cryptocurrencies minting process with our most advanced technology and gain much better.

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Complete integral ecosystem

Here we have designed a fully integral ecosystem of which the elements strongly connect and support each other. Our clients can enjoy a wide range of services with the best quality provided. Our products include staking service, digital wallet and cryptocurrency exchange.

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Advanced security measures

We apply multi-layer encrypted protection to secure your funds from online threats and attackers. Security is always our top priority. Our clients can be ensured that their money are always safe and profitable.

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Easily manage your digital assets. Buy, sell, exchange various cryptocurrencies without any difficulty via GiGaWallet. Enjoy full management, layered security and extra functions. Your digital assets are always protected

  • Total control, prevention of unauthorized access.
  • Fast and convenient use
  • Exchange & Swap

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CRYPTO Exchange

We plan to launch a global exchange platform with the lowest fees and the highest quality. Our exchange will be integrated powerful charts and additional options to bring you the best trading experience

  • Fast and precise execution of orders
  • Various cryptocurrencies available
  • High liquidity

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About Us

A project developed by


CryptoStake is an original product of CRYPTO MINING SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Our company has earned worldwide recognition in leading cryptocurrency mining and full-service blockchain technology, focusing on the application of clean energy. With years of experience in all facets of the mining space, CRYPTO MINING SOLUTIONS LIMITED is a trusted destination to own your state of the art cryptocurrency operation.

With a global focus and active operations, we possess the capability to build our products for the lowest cost, yet source the best available hardware and retrofit real estate for the purposes of mining, all backed by our data driven models and the best partners in the industry.



Welcome to cryptostake


CryptoStake is a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency project. Our core development team consists of professional experts and researchers from different countries with the same enthusiasm for digital technology. We have designed a complex structure of cryptocurrency services as listed below:

Staking service for minting cryptocurrencies

Here you can easily make profit with your unused capital by staking them to us, with high daily interest. Stake in cryptocurrency in whatever amount you want; the value is no less than $200. We will then use Proof of stake protocol via the most advanced technology and through minting process to get more cryptocurrencies and share income with you.

Digital wallet

You need a tool to safely and conveniently store your digital assets? Look no further. At CryptoStake, we also provide a superb digital wallet for you to keep and manage all cryptocurrencies you have. With enhanced security aspect and useful functions, GiGaWallet will help you manage your assets more easily and professionally.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform

Our project also includes a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can easily trade hundreds of coins and tokens. We have partnership with top global exchanges and provide top quality services for worldwide traders.


  • Stake your cryptocurrencies and earn attractive returns. You can use our staking service for the most competitive interest rate.
  • Stakers can receive up to 50% net profit through a period of 10 months.
  • Your funds are safely kept in non-custodial smart contract and will be used for the process of minting the top cryptocurrencies with the highest returns.
  • Our staking service is available for global participants without any border obstacles.

Proof Of Work (and mining process)

  • Proof Of Work is a requirement to define an expensive computer calculation, also known as mining.
  • A reward for mining in the PoW system is given to the first miner who solves each blocks problem.
  • Network miners compete to be the first to find a solution for the mathematical problem.

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Proof Of Stake (and minting process)

  • Proof of Stake, the creator of a new block is chosen depending on its wealth/holdings, defined as stake.
  • No block reward so the miners take the transaction fees. Forgers in the PoS are always those who own the coins minted.
  • Proof of Stake currencies can sometimes be several times more cost effective.

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Core Team