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For too long, banking system and financial institutions have taken advantage of their power to control and direct properties into ways that benefit only a minority of the world, having raised the demand for a new technique used to store and preserve the value of money. It is time to replace our current financial systems with a new model that only acts in the best interest of the community.

CryptoStake believes that with the powerful potential of cryptocurrency market, along with our mining technology, our team’s continuous effort and our passion for blockchain, we are capable of leading the next financial revolution to giving people the control over their digital assets back. Above all, we believe in the importance of decentralization to create a new financial system that serves the interests of everyone equally.



Founded in 2019, CryptoStake is an open-source, autonomous protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of financial freedom. CryptoStake is committed to providing our customers - worldwide cryptocurrency holders - with the highest interest of investment. A safe investment, allowing cryptocurrencies holders to earn massive interests from their assets.     





CryptoStake project is brought to you by Crypto Mining Solutions Limited, located in United Kingdom. Our company specializes in Information technology consultancy activities; Data processing, hosting and related activities.



•   Company number: 10321378

•   Incorporated: 2016

•   Location: 127 Waun Fach, Cardiff, Wales, CF23 7BE

Our core team contains a group of experts and professionals who share a passion of blockchain technology and decentralization. Our ultimate target is to provide unprecedented financial freedom, economic opportunity, and income equality for the world.