Blockchain Analysis and Management

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have already opened up new markets and made the global economy bigger, fairer, and more deeply integrated. The world needs to develop clearer regulations, establish standard audit practices, and implement powerful compliance controls for cryptocurrency to sustain its current growth and integrate into the global financial infrastructure. By helping make that vision a reality with our compliance and investigation tools, Crypto Mining Solutions gives banks, businesses, and governments the confidence and knowledge they need to help this new digital economy thrive.

We provide blockchain data and analysis to global agencies, exchanges, and financial institutions across 40 countries. Our compliance and investigation tools, education, and support from software development to exchange build out to cyber security to hardware aim to help our customers understand what’s happening on blockchains. Crypto Mining Solutions’s network encompasses a variety of the best firms in the world of Blockchain.

Specializing in infrastructure project management, Crypto Mining Solutions yet has all the necessary tools and partnerships to help our clients develop services on top of these networks.



Our analysts deliver real-world results to solve cryptocurrency-enabled crimes.

Our researchers and analysts add an additional layer to our commercial software, providing custom analyses that make use of our extensive and unique experience in conducting forensic cryptocurrency investigations. We provide written, detailed reports on the investigations conducted and can also provide witness statements upon request.

We have worked with law enforcement agencies, lawyers, consultants, and individuals across the world. Our investigations have led to positive outcomes, including the seizure of stolen funds and criminal convictions.



The blockchain peer-to-peer framework offers the potential to transform current business processes by disintermediating central entities or processes, improving efficiencies, and creating an immutable audit trail of transactions. This provides the opportunity to lower costs, decrease interaction or settlement times, and improve transparency for all parties.

Blockchain technology will transform business models from a human-based trust model to an algorithm-based trust model, which might expose firms to risks that they have not encountered before. In order to respond to such risks, firms should consider establishing a robust risk management strategy, governance, and controls framework. Our team provides different effective strategies to manage blockchain risks for each corporate based on the different backgrounds and conditions.




As blockchain gains publicity, large corporations and startups are exploring uses of the technology outside of the financial services industry.

Many organizations are already experimenting with blockchain innovations to fulfill a range of needs. 

Our service of Blockchain driven innovations in the supply chain will have the potential to deliver tremendous business value by increasing supply chain transparency, reducing risk, and improving efficiency and overall supply chain management.