Cryptocurrency Mining

Crypto Mining Solutions Limited was originally established as a cryptocurrency mining service, providing an easy and safe way to mine Bitcoin at first and more cryptocurrencies later. Our very first target is to bring together people who want to unite their strength and increase their chance to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin is the digital currency that holds the driving force behind dynamic development of blockchain technology and is believed to be the future of global finances. The process of procuring Bitcoin is called mining, and Crypto Mining Solutions Limited is the place where people can come and mine digital currency as well as increase the value of their initial contribution through expanding their network of associate miners. We provide the mining power and take care of the technology and maintenance – while you reap the reward.

Having no central government, Bitcoin is decentralized, free and readily available. You can buy Bitcoin, but you can also mine it. Mining is the backbone that allows Bitcoin to function. New Bitcoins are created as a reward for miners who secure & verify payments in the blockchain. Miners are specialized computers that use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of Bitcoins in exchange for solving each problem. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to mine. Additionally, Bitcoin miners help keep the Bitcoin network secure by approving transactions. Mining is an important and integral part of Bitcoin that ensures fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network stable, safe and secure. We are attempting on making mining accessible to everyone. 


What Crypto Mining Solutions Limited offers

  • Cryptocurrency Mining

Not stop at just Bitcoin, Crypto Mining Solutions Limited is uniting all key aspects of running an efficient cryptocurrency mining operation. From building highly efficient data centers to provide a streamlined mining system for our users, we mine Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as top 20 coins in the cryptocurrency world, all with green and clean energy sources.

Efficient mining systems

For every blockchain algorithm that we offer, Crypto Mining Solutions provides some of the highest performing mining systems that exist. With an efficient mining system, you can fully focus on keeping track of the markets and remain competitive with your mining rewards.

Contributing to the ecosystem

Besides being the portal for interesting mining data, we are also actively contributing to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from launching awareness campaigns to releasing open-source mining software.

Multi-algorithm support

We are building mining data centers around the world that are able to support 6 mining algorithms for 10+ different cryptocurrencies. If that’s not enough, we are attempting to support more coin in the future.

User Experience as our first priority

For the success and satisfaction of Users, we keep adding more tools and features to enhance your experience. Our Support Team are always available to answer your questions and help you out with any problems.

Secure & Private

We support cryptocurrencies that promote privacy, so we strive to keep collected user data to a minimum and only ask for information that is mandatory from a regulatory perspective. Above all, Crypto Mining Solutions takes great care in implementing and maintaining the security of your data.

Crypto Mining Solutions enables our customers to mine Bitcoin and various altcoins directly via our mining allocation page. The availability of cryptocurrencies you can mine depends on the contract you have chosen. By joining our network and choosing one of our plans you procure calculating power that allows you to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a certain rate and certain speed. That speed is connected to the quality of mining computers. We always strive to provide the latest equipment for our operations, this is why we do our best to provide the fastest computing power available – thus improving the process of mining.

  • Cryptocurrency Minting

Apart from mining, the alternative Proof-of-Stake algorithm, through the minting process, is gaining steam as a way to reduce the absurd electrical consumption of cryptocurrency mining; a method for a greener and cheaper distributed form of consensus. Simply speaking, Proof-of-stake minting is an efficient process where stakeholders mint new blocks for the network. These blocks contain transactions that were initiated by users of the network. The role of the minter is to process these blocks of transactions and provide security for the network.

Crypto Mining Solutions Limited additionally provide a new plan that enables cryptocurrency holders to earn profits from unused capital by staking them for interest. Minting with us is an energy and cost efficient process, which makes it possible for stakeholders to participate using many different types of devices. Stakeholders participate in minting simply by installing the version of Peercoin they support, loading their wallet with PPC, and holding them while they are occasionally selected by Peercoin’s protocol to mint the next block in the chain. Every minted block rewards stakeholders with new PPC.

Using Proof-of-Stake protocol via the most advanced technology and through minting process, we reproduce cryptocurrencies to return investors with profits. If you are interested in reducing the absurd electrical consumption of mining process, our Staking program is created for you - an energy and cost efficient process which brings an incredible outcome.


Mining Algorithms & Architecture 

When it comes to mining technology, there are endless options of turning electricity into your favorite cryptocurrency. You can run mining software essentially on anything these days, whether it’s a smartphone or a high end mining rig. But as always, there is a catch and it’s called efficiency. While you can theoretically mine Bitcoin on your smartphone, the phone needs much more energy per hash than a mining operation that has been optimized for efficient energy usage.

Most cryptocurrency protocols utilize different Proof-of-Work mining algorithms to enforce their blockchain rules. In the table below, you can see what type of architecture we deploy for mining the available cryptocurrencies. 

Please be aware that blockchain developers may make changes to features and specifications of the algorithm over time.


Green and Clean energy

As digital assets became increasingly popular and the hashrate SHA-256 (BTC and BCH consensus algorithm) has risen to the highest level of all time, a significant concern about the amount of power used to exploit has arisen. Renewable energy sources on mining solution are likely to be expanding to the global community. From that aspect, we always seek for the best solution from leading suppliers in the world to minimize maintenance costs. Most devices in our mining system use renewable energy sources such as solar energy. To electricity, the benefits of solar panels are comparatively massive. This renewable energy source could be reused up to 72% of used heat. Furthermore, we produce CSP with heat storage for our 24/7 operation.

Powerful, energy-efficient and economical devices

The growth of Bitcoin's value has generated the demand for more powerful, energy-efficient and economical devices has ensured an important technical investment to develop the ultimate repetition and current of Bitcoin mining semiconductors. Due to calculating performance issues, our Bitcoin mining system moves from using conventional graphics cards to GPUs designed specifically for gaming and ASICs are now ready for mining cryptocurrency. 3000 dedicated ASICs will be able to compete with large cryptocurrency mining models, thanks to the fact that we have the leading devices and technologies on the market. Our customers are supplied solar energy produced at our own photovoltaic plants, which makes the operation more efficient and sustainable.

ASIC are super-efficient chips that have hash power as many orders are bigger than former GPUs and FPGAs. In terms of efficiency, ASIC outperforms CPU and GPU. According to a study by Intel, FPGAs - a specialized circuit with 10 times higher performance than CPU and GPU, but still 7 times lower when compared with ASIC. In brief, it's a customized bitcoin tool with much more efficient network security than before. With outstanding performance advantages, ASIC seems to have an advantage in the race to win the final prize of the remaining 20% Bitcoin.