Crypto Staking

Stake your cryptos on the most trusted cryptocurrency staking platform. 



Even with the potential of yielding high interest, your digital assets are probably sitting idle on exchanges and in wallets, restrained by the fear of market fluctuation and its bearish moves dropping all value of your digital assets. Trading platforms, on the other hand, might sound fruitful at first but quickly consume your time and waste all of your money.

So, which is the solution for your digital assets then?

The answer is here.

CryptoStake - the best place for your cryptocurrency!





CryptoStake is a cryptocurrency staking platform. At CryptoStake, funds raised by staking holders are devoted to the process of minting new blocks for the network. Through the magic of minting process, we’re able to offer you an attractive interest rate on your own crypto assets. Staking 1 coin will enable the minting of 1 more coin - which means Total Return after minting is 200% (including capital). Only a small amount is kept by the company for marketing and operation.

Profit from minting is paid on a daily basis, allocated as below:

•  Total Return for investors: 150% (of the original staking amount)

•  Kept for marketing: 30% 

•  Kept for company operation: 20% 


How to stake?

•  Open your staking account.

•  Deposit in BTC, ETH, USDT, your CryptoStake account. Min deposit is 5,000 ADAs (aprox. $200).

•  Start earning high-yielding passive income and get profit everyday

•  Monthly profit: 15% of Initial Capital. Daily profit can be withdrawn whenever you want (from 500 ADAs, aprox. $20)

•  After 10 months, you will receive a Total Return of 150%


Why choose us

We ensure that you will enjoy a secure high-yield passive income without any fees or commissions.

•   Start from small deposit: At CryptoStake, you can begin staking with just $200. The interest rates are the same for all Staking Holders.

•   Profit paid out daily: Everyday a larger interest amount is credited into your account. Profit withdrawal, applied with a minimum, is allowed at any time. 

•   Experienced team: CryptoStake is operated by a leading FinTech team serving people across Europe for years, while being strictly supervised by multiple Financial Services Regulators.

•   Regulatory Compliance: Our project is committed to stay compliant with the strictest KYC and AML global compliance standards.




Simply speaking, our Proof-of-stake Minting is an efficient process where stakeholders mint new blocks for the network. These blocks contain transactions that were initiated by users of the network. The role of the minter is to process these blocks of transactions and provide security for the network. Minting with CryptoStake is an energy and cost efficient process which brings an incredible outcome.




Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are the most common consensus algorithms used in producing new transaction blocks in blockchain network. 

Proof-of-Work (or PoW) - the original consensus algorithm in a Blockchain network, is used to confirm transactions and produce new blocks to the chain through the mining process. However, the crypto community had been planning to make a transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake based system, related to the fact that the alternative Proof-of-Stake algorithm, through the minting process, is gaining steam as a way to reduce the absurd electrical consumption of cryptocurrency mining; a method for a more greener and cheaper distributed form of consensus. 

Take a look at the comparison between POW and POS: